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Aspire Interior Create Your Home!!

Our products make up just half the package. Design services for our Indian customers are very critical to ensure that the kitchen matches the lifestyle, culinary and volume needs of the family and that it fits into the space harmoniously - in both aesthetics and space utilisation.

Our design services approach is as detailed as our product options.
• Free consultation and preliminary design process
• Detailed spaces mapping and 3D projection
• 3 site visits to ensure perfect design
• Extreme customisation options, by special order
• On-site installation by a German trained team
• Decor, upholstery and colour coordination advice by experienced design personnel
• One-on-one service, at your convenience

The pricing of a Aspire Kitchen or Bedroom differ on the basis parameters of size, model, finish chosen, internal layout & fittings and appliances included.

Warranty and After sales Service
All Aspire products come with an extensive warranty of 5 years, including the chipboard, In case of add-ons like lights etc..., exact replacements can be procured from Aspire, on request.